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5 Star Reviews     

"This actually tasted good, not over powering or distasteful. I'm glad this is organically grown. Ill be buying more teas from them. Packaging was nice and simple." - Bridgette
"This Red Roselle tea is super flavorful and is a perfect afternoon herbal tea cup" - Bevyn 
"The tea was delicious hot but I'm also very excited to try this iced when the warm weather returns!" - Bethany 
"Lovely chai tea. It's sweet, chocolately, and has a nice spice. Definitely reminds me of Autumn." - Hannah 
"My first time with Palm Beach Herbal Tea Company Rosemary tea and it was delightful" - Sandra 
"Highly recommended with any savory food when you want your senses invaded by an exquisite aroma." - Pisaniello