Elderflower Tea

Elderflower Tea

What is Elderflower? Most simply put, elderflower are the blossoms that precede elderberries. Elderberry is famously known for it's immune boosting qualities but elderflowers have their own underappreciated herbal benefits. This flowering plant is yet another example of how nature shares so much of itself with us and purely for our benefit! You can forage for elderflowers in the late spring and early summer, easily grow your own from seed at home or purchase dried elderflower or elderflower tea online. 

So what does elderflower tea taste like? The answer isn't as simple as you may think! The taste can vary depending on where your getting your elderberry flowers from. Tea made from fresh flowers can have more of a light, floral taste compared to dry flowers that may have more of a toasted taste. Flowers harvested and used from different parts of the world will also have varying tastes. 

Health Benefits

Elderflowers contain quercetin flavonoids, which reduce oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress happens when there is a  disturbance of balance between antioxidant defense and free radical production. Reducing oxidative stress in the body can improve fatigue levels and reduce headaches, brain fog, joint pain and obvious signs of aging such as wrinkles. This same flavonoid mention earlier has also been known to reduce cholesterol levels by acting similar to insulin. 

Packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants, Elderflower is a great way to boost the bodies immune system while protecting the body from harmful viruses trying to enter and replicating in human cells. Not only can elderflower help protect you from getting sick, it also contains tannins that can relieve your common cold & flu symptoms and help you get better quicker.  These tannins act as an astringent to help dry up nasal passages and wet eyeballs. It's diuretic properties encourage water to leave the body, helping you "sweat out" an illness. Elderflower's inflammation reducing properties can soothe an inflamed sinus cavity, so if you suffer from seasonal allergies, this flower may be worth a try! 

I think we can all agree that a nice cup to tea is relaxing all on it's own. Paired with a tea that contains relaxation properties makes your tea experience that much more comforting. Elderflower has been noted to have the ability to support the nervous system through stressful situations and help reduce symptoms of depression. 

Side Effects 

Elderflower plants may have contain toxic compounds. Avoid any use of the stem and leaves. ONLY COOKED BERRIES AND FLOWERS ARE SAFE FOR USE. 

As always, consult your primary care provider before adding herbs into your daily regime. Elderflower is not recommended for use by pregnant or breastfeeding moms as there is little research to accompany this notion. Always use elderflower in moderation to avoid possible side effects such as upset stomach. Halt use of elderflower two weeks prior to surgery to avoid interference with blood clotting. 

Happy Sipping!

- Palm Beach Herbal Tea Company 

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