Mullein Leaf Tea

Mullein Leaf Tea


Mullein is our top selling herbal tea and here's why:

Mullein Leaf is an expectorant which means it helps make coughs more productive by expelling mucus that has settled into the lungs and throat. It also reduces irritation in the lungs, throat and respiratory tract to make for easier breathing while suppressing the urge to cough.

It may be especially helpful with asthma, spring time allergies and viral infections such as influenza as mullein leaf works to relax the muscles in the respiratory tract by reducing inflammation. 

Single Brew Pods

We wanted to bring you the same great flavor as our traditional tea bags with a more modern feel and your convenience in mind. Our single brew herbal tea pods are perfect to pop right into your machine and is brewed perfectly every time. They are also perfect to store in your luggage, lunch bag or purse so you can have your herbal tea at work or during travel! 

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