Strawberry Leaf Tea

Strawberry Leaf Tea

 Strawberry season is in swing and we have every intention to take full advantage of this fruitful time of year! Strawberries are so nutritious on their own but what many people overlook is the strawberry leaves themselves. These dark green leaves with serrated edges sprout in groups of three and independently offer a unique flavor and bountiful health benefits from it's fruit. These health benefits are commonly enjoyed by steeping the leaves into a tisane. Prepared using fresh or dried leaves, Strawberry Leaf Tea boasts a slightly, mild fruity flavor with a uniquely sweet aroma. 

Strawberry leaves come from the common garden strawberry plant that is grown for it's fruit.  Like the strawberry fruit, strawberry leaf is also an excellent source of vitamin C, tannins, minerals and antioxidants. The leaves have been harvested and used medicinally for centuries for a variety of conditions or simply for a deliciously fresh summer-time tea that can be enjoyed both hot or iced. 

Health Benefits 

In alternative medicine, Strawberry leaf tea has been used to relieve a variety of ailments from gastrointestinal discomfort to exaggerated PMS symptoms and possibly rheumatoid arthritis! Similar to most leaves and fruits in the berry family, strawberry leaves contain ellagic acid and antioxidants which are known to improve immune responses in the body. Another antioxidant you can find in strawberry leaves is caffeic acid and like caffeine, it can be a very mild stimulant.

Strawberry plants are tannin-rich plants which means they are an effective anti-diarrheal, promote healthy digestion and contain anti inflammatory properties. Due to their high content of iron, strawberry leaves are beneficial source of iron during menstruation to counteract symptoms or to control anemia. Used as a diuretic, strawberry leaves can be particularly helpful to remove excess bloat caused by PMS.

Side Effects

There is not enough research done on the potential side effects of strawberry leaves to assume that it is safe for use by pregnant and breast feeding mommas. However, the use of strawberry leaves is LIKELY safe in most conditions with little reports of side effects. Always consult your primary care provider before adding alternative medicines into your care plan as well as discussing their interactions with other medications you may be using. 


Happy Sipping! 

- Palm Beach Herbal Tea Company 

DISCLAIMER: We are sharing research and anecdotal uses, not medical or health advice.

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