Red Roselle Tea

Red Roselle Tea

Red Roselle is the perfect example of a tropical plant that has several beneficial uses. This flowering plant goes by many names such as Florida Cranberry, Sour Tea, Red Sorrel, and Jamaica Sorrel. It's unique beauty alone is enough to entice many and it's beautiful color seeps directly into the tea we all know and love. 

Hibiscus sabdariffa is most common species of hibiscus used to make red roselle tea. We source our red roselle calyces from the most reputable sources, maintaining a 100% all natural product from the time it is a seedling to the time it is packaged in our tea bags. 

Red Roselle Uses 

All parts of this unique plant are used in various applications. The calyces are used to create a beautiful medicinal tea as well as an ingredient in various recipes. Red Roselle Tea boasts such a unique flavor that is similar to cranberry because of it's fruity tart taste. The leaves of this plant can be added to salads to add a spicy spinach like twist with a tartly fruit taste.

Health Benefits 

The versatility in this flower is just amazing and along with that it shares with is a multitude of health benefits that we just cant ignore! Walk through any health and beauty section and tell me you cant find one skin care product that doesn't contain hibiscus... i'll wait... 

Red Roselle is by far one of the most concentrated flowers loaded with antioxidants that fight off free radical damage. Look for a hibiscus infused face mask or body scrub and bathe in the glow it will leave your skin! These same antioxidants make for an insanely good liver healthy tea! your liver is a vital functioning organ in your body, ensuring it runs smoothly and is healthy will provide you with such good overall health.

Hibiscus tea is also rich in ascorbic acid or vitamin C, which is a vital nutrient needed by the body to boost immunity. Red Roselle is commonly used to aid treatment of common cold symptoms due to it's antibacterial properties and unique ability to reduce inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory capabilities are also said to lower blood pressure and provide relief from menstrual cramping/pain. 

Lastly, Red Roselle is high in iron. Treating iron deficiency is so vital because it can lead to anemia when left untreated which can cause several health issues. Iron supplementation can improve your immune system, boost energy levels and cognitive focus and regulate body temperature. 

Happy Sipping!

- Palm Beach Herbal Tea Company


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